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Locate True North for your Venture.

Fully Responsive Design

You’re busy, you want your data on the go – within a push of a button. Well so do we, and so we did. You know, we too find ourselves busy implementing all sorts of good ideas like that.

Pleasant Visual Appeal

It does get boring looking at reports all day, but luckily that’s not the case with COMPASS. We often get the comment: “I can stare at it all day“. It’s OK, stare all you want – we want you to.

Real-Time, Yes, LIVE Data

You want to know what’s happening as it’s happening? Funny you should mention that. We’ve built our software to do exactly that. Your data, served fresh of the CPU.

Simple “One Click” Sign-On

We get it, you want to get to your data now. But we also can’t just give everyone access! Regardless, we found a soultion: A Single Click Login. Get to your data in mere seconds.

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. stands for:

Company Overall Management Planning & Strategic System

“So exquisitely easily  to use, navigate, and operate.”

“Best design and functions combined.”

Unlimited Power and customization possibilites.”

The Power of COMPASS


Don’t wait for stale data. Get live updates in real time! To us, Time is the most valuable resource available. We utilize each second.

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Next to Time, Thought is equally important. Which is why we give so much in each and every project we help to point North.

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By using our specific set of skills and tools, we are able to measure Growth like no other helicopter parent on the planet. Be safe!

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This IS what you’ve been looking for. True insight doesn’t come from a fortune cookie, it comes from a compass.

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Seamless Integrations

We’ve built COMPASS from the ground up to intergrate seamlessly with Today’s most successful platforms. As the Internet continues to grow, so does COMPASS. We connect intergration points with every client. 

Corporatized Dashboard

Your dashboard is uniquely customized to your company. It showcases the direct path in which management is heading. We focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so your plans can be informed. The convenience behind COMPASS is to give you an actual real-to-life yet pocket-sized compass. One that directly plugs-in your organization’s metrics. Where everyone can get all their information from the same source. A good strategy NEEDS good intel. Our software system, COMPASS, is the ultimate tool for that success.

Reap the Rewards

Every Business Is Different. We all know it – “No two businesses are the same.” This is where the Consulting part of Compass Consulting gets to shine. More specifically – your shoes. Once you give us the walkthrough of each step throughout your company’s processes, we custom build a COMPASS that will give you a full map of what steps lead where. It’s from the top of the hill tops where you can see your company’s True North

Do you want a COMPASS? Call us to schedule a consultation.

True North is a moving needle.

Let’s discuss why its imperative to always carry a COMPASS.

To begin, we sit down to study your company’s reporting processes and other notable procedures. We then gather all data necessary to build your COMPASS. Here are a few topics we’ll discuss:

What’s the Goal?

Where is your company now, and where do you want it to be? What challenges has it faced?

Where are current resources going?

Time and Money play a big role in growth. We’ll focus on what resources are getting wasted the most.

How well oiled is the machine?

Tell us the working cogs of each department. Add their components, and streamline the whole process.

How do you determine your KPIs?

It’s important to know what deadlines are coming up. Reoccuring and daily events can also be built.

What’s the Speed to Implementation?

From point of contract,  we can begin to see tangible results within the first 30 days.

How COMPASS directly helps ROI.

Target ROI is an important piece of the puzzle. This hints where True North is. Use COMPASS to get there.

About Our Awesome Team

Upon calling, you’re likely to get a hold of one of our team members below. Get to know them:

Xopher Dee

Co-founder & Architect

Back in 2010, X founded what he 1st dubbed “SuperDom”. Hard work and dedication has given it the growth it needed to become a necessary product.

Ashley Nicole

Co-founder & COO

Ash is our point-of-contact to the public. She lights up the sky discussing COMPASS and where it can take you; Much like the Northern Lights do. 

Yvette Madison

Media Director & CMO

Yve is our online coordinator. Her networking skills are so above and beyond, they reach around the whole Earth, twice. 
She is the inner circle.

James Michael

Senior Developer

James is a photographer at heart with a programmer’s brain. Don’t mistake this bold lion as cowardly. He bravely steps into any electrical storm.

Greetings from Tucson!

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